Case 1 - Ep. 1: When The Reaper Calls

When The Reaper comes for you, death is usually involved. Either you’re dead and he’s here to harvest your soul, or you crossed him and he’s here to harvest your soul. I’ve worked with him long enough to know. Demons like myself didn’t get to be The Reaper’s bodyguard by dying in battle or by crossing him. I folded both wings in tight and caught my reflection in The Reaper’s office door. Cherry red hair, dark skin, horns, scaly wings, and a smirk shone back at me. The gray pinstriped blazer and crimson blouse I wore hung off me like a sweaty martial artist’s uniform, the way they always did after a shift. I needed a change of clothes and a Sin and Tonic, but when The Reaper calls for

You've Just Opened The Reaper's Case Notes.

The Reaper's been sifting through his memories, hunting for what he really wants. Harvesting Earth's souls leaves him with little time to wield a pen in place of his iconic scythe. His demon bodyguard Ava Vasaga has got the magic and martial arts skills to defend him from thieves who want his scythe, but can she help The Reaper piece together the mysteries in his past? Hell would starve for souls and Earth would be flooded with them if they fail. Their battles for Hell's soul hide secrets you might miss if you don't read The Reaper's Case Notes! Each Case will contain three Episodes, covering The Reaper's case notes and Ava's present day detective work alongside him.