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Author events, book signings, live readings, and writer retreat information from throughout the years can be found here.

-Author Meet & Greet on YouTube!

Celebrating the Ales, Agents & Alchemy release by spreading positivity with Sam Hendricks! Hop over to Kyanite Publishing's YouTube channel featuring dozens of fantastic indie authors like Crystal L. Kirkham, Danielle Ancona, and the captain himself, B.K. Bass.

In this interview, Sam & I geek about beer brewing, LGBTQ characters, magic systems, writing background.

-Weekly Live Readings with Kyanite Publishing!

Join me and a plethora of indie authors as we romp through stories from every genre out there! Weekly Live Readings happen on YouTube every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evening at about 7pm Eastern, and can be found at Kyanite Publishing's Twitter page as well as at Kyanite's YouTube Channel, where live readings and past readings live.

I am most likely to appear on Thursday evenings, subject to change due to reality intruding as it is known to do.


-World Festival Of Faeries

The first weekend of every August is when ren faire life kicks in and I volunteer as an actor at the World Festival Of Faeries! Located in historic Elgin, Illinois, Faerie Fest is where families and story lovers congregate to celebrate music, costumes, and stories. The actors volunteer on a rotation schedule, so I will periodically be available to greet reader and writer friends and sign any stories you bring. There may even be a tent or a table where I hawk books next to world-traveling professional falconer Craig Hendee!




More to come as events become available.

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