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Never Feel Ashamed For Making Writing Time.

Enemies of the writer: Feeling shame at making writing time.

When kerjillions of things pile up in life, so do kerjillions of responsibilities. And feelings. And filler bullshit. Don't let that filler bullshit win.

"But X won't get done if I write."

"But Y person needs me at work, so I can't write."

"That Z thing's gotta get fixed or tomorrow will suck more of my writing time."

Stand up for your writing! So in other words, be a lazy bastard. For your writing's sake.

Leave that mess until your writing goal's done. Even if your goal is two hundred words, or sending just one query, or listening to a podcast or two about writing. That writing goal will add to your book better than another hour of overtime will. Or another bad movie. Or a fiftieth game of match-three-whatevers.

That old saying, "We work before we play?"

Yeah, make sure you write before you work.

Putting more time into your writing means less time for guzzling media/games/books. But guess what? You'll get pickier with what you DO consume when there ain't as much time to do it.

Actively choosing movies with better screenwriting will teach you to write better.

Reading the best authors in the genre you write will teach you more than that tabloid magazine will.

Your brain might be used to consuming mental cheeseburgers all day, but once you make time for writing every day, your mind diet will improve. And so will your confidence. And so will the speed and quality of your writing.

A lot of people will try to shame you or guilt you into not reaching for your dream. Directly. Indirectly. Passive-aggressively. You're not responsible for their mess or their feelings. Just for communicating that your stories need attention. Once you rocked the hell out of that writing goal, then the work or the play can take over.

So be a lazy bastard and don't feel ashamed for putting writing first.

But, you know, don't be a lazy bastard in your writing.

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