The Reaper's been sifting through his memories, hunting for what he really wants. Harvesting Earth's souls leaves him with little time to wield a pen in place of his iconic scythe. His demon bodyguard Ava Vasaga has got the magic and martial arts skills to defend him from thieves who want his scythe, but can she help The Reaper piece together the mysteries in his past? Hell would starve for souls and Earth would be flooded with them if they fail.


Their battles for Hell's soul hide secrets you might miss if you don't read The Reaper's Case Notes. 


Each Case is a three-episode short story stuffed with snark, martial arts, historical fantasy, and nuggets of Hellish wisdom as Ava & The Reaper romp through a modern Hell that blends Dante with drunk demons.

“Tempers are bitches,” I said. “Most of us listen to them first because we’re used to it, or because we get off on it. To most, it’s a habit, or a defense. It’s justified. Demon nature. Safer to roll with consequences we think we control than the ones we know we can’t.”

“Violence is a lifestyle choice that Hell’s society pushes on us. I have my own way of pushing back.”


"If it's insane to repeat the same thing and expect different results, then why does history repeat itself?”

-Ava Vasaga       

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