Jabe Stafford enjoys writing stories about alcoholic angels and drunk demons. He likes chatting ‘em up after they’ve had a few, and the stuff they say is so bizarre that it makes his life of writing and office work sound mundane by comparison. The demons seem most interested in his years as a martial arts instructor, but then they brag about magic and challenge him to arm wrestle. Magic don't win arm wrestling matches.

Jabe’s wanderings have taken him to the UW-Madison Writer’s Institute and the Write-By-The-Lake Retreat. He writes with the Middleton Creative Writers, where stories of housepet ghostbusters and alchemist serial killers abound. He’s earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from UW-Madison, a Teaching Certification from Edgewood College, and a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  

Other Side Of The Line is his first published short story. Many more stories and novels await on the horizon.

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