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About The Author

There are blissful, hilarious, tearful moments in storytelling that you can’t get anywhere else. Video games and books are what first drew me to stories, and connecting with others through characters and moments is why I write.


Ales, Agents, & Alchemy is my debut novel! There will be more!


Fantasy short stories of mine can be found in Kyanite Press Volume 1 Issue 3, and in 4 Star Stories. I’m a regular guest on A Necessary Evil podcast where storytelling tools line the walls of the lair and we play with them.

My journeys have included teaching Tae Kwon Do, learning the writing craft at the UW-Madison Write By The Lake Retreat and UW Writer's Institute, and earning a BA in English Literature from UW-Madison. I had the honor of learning from a Hugo Award winning author there for a semester. That was a happy accident though, since I didn't start writing until years later. Foreshadowing, or coincidence?


I’m also a conversation-haver, and you can join those on Twitter (@OculusWriter), Facebook (Jabe Stafford, Writer), Instagram (OculusWriter), or adventure through my blogs One Page Worlds or Write Good on this very page. The beer & cheese state of Wisconsin is my home, and I’ve lived in Michigan, Florida, and Indiana. Ohio is where my rump rests right now.

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