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Spread laughter and positive energy with wordplay! Dictomancy - Everyday Wordplay is a Wednesday blog series that features rare, bizarre, and absurd words and their meanings. Work one of these words into your day and spark some laughter and curiosity!

Akualele - ak*ua*le*le n [Haw akua spirit + lele flying, jumping] HI A fireball or meteor. 1938 Reinecke Hawaiian Loanwords, Akualele . . .A will-o-the-wisp, or fireball. (Such a phenomenon is regarded as supernatural by many.) 1967 DARE Tape HI4, That [=kawila, a black wood] can protect your home from anything. Like this akualele [‘aku’lele], they can fly it . . . They make it fly . .through the air . .to kill his enemy . . . When he fly it, it looks like a fireball.

“You expected wizards NOT to know every word for ‘fireball?’ We’ve been throwing akualeles around since before you were born.”

“In today’s news, a factory explosion sent an akualele a hundred feet into the air.”

“It’s ironic that akualele has the sound, ‘aqua’ in it.”

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