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Spread laughter and positive energy with wordplay! Dictomancy - Everyday Wordplay is a Wednesday blog series that features rare, bizarre, and absurd words and their meanings. Work one of these words into your day and spark some laughter and curiosity!

Bandy-shanked - ban*dy*shanked adj Pronc-sp bander-shank prob Sth, S Midl See also banty adj, gander-shanked Bandy-legged; having crooked shanks or legs; als banjer-shanks -- used as a nickname: see quot 1930. 1966-69 DARE (Qu. X37, . . Peoples’ legs, if they’re noticeably bent, or uneven, or not right) InfSC24, Bander-shank -- don’t walk exactly right; KY24, Bandy-shanked -- could be anything wrong with a leg or legs.

“I’m all bandy-shanked from horseback riding all day.”

“She’s never walked well after the surgery. She calls herself Bandy-Shanks to make light of it.”

“Bander-shank? I thought that was a creature from some book or other.”

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