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Dictomancy - Everyday Wordplay

Spread laughter and positive energy with wordplay! Dictomancy - Everyday Wordplay is a Wednesday blog series that features rare, bizarre, and absurd words and their meanings. Work one of these words into your day and spark some laughter and curiosity!

Linguister - n Pronc-spp languister, leingister, ling(i)ster, link(i)ster chiefly sAppalachians old-fash Cf languager An interpreter; hence v linkister to interpret. 1849 Lanman Letters Alleghany Mts. 97, [The preacher] wished to konw if he should preach with the ‘linguister,’ or interpreter, for the benefit of the young stranger.

“Yeah, I’m an interpreter. I introduce myself as a linguister to get people curious.”

“You can make a good living as a linguister for the state.”

“Who’s the linguister on this here ship? Got me a alien that needs translatin’ from telepathic to english.”

Please share and comment on today’s Dictomancy and feel free to post your uses for the words in a positive, lighthearted way. Audience participation makes Everyday Wordplay hilarious!

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