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Spread laughter and positive energy with wordplay! Dictomancy - Everyday Wordplay is a Wednesday blog series that features rare, bizarre, and absurd words and their meanings. Work one of these words into your day and spark some laughter and curiosity!

Quaker fip - Qua*ker*fip n Also Quaker nickel Cf fip, Yankee dime A kiss. 1846 Quincy (III) Whig 28 Feb 2/2 (DA), However happy he might have been to pay the Quaker fip, . .he was mortified at her seeming want of modesty in demanding it in the presence of so many witnesses.

“There are so many slang terms for kiss, but no one’s ever heard of a Quaker fip.”

“Put a Quaker fip right there.”

“That’s about the least romantic word to hear at the end of an awesome date night. No, I don’t want a Quaker fip. Way to kill the mood.”

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