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An April Fool's Day Diction Guide

Everything you'll ever need to know on April Fool's Day is right here in this bonus dose of Dictomancy - Everyday Wordplay. Be ready for all the craziness. March in confident that you won't get tricked. Work this word into your day today and nobody will be able to pull a fast one on you!

Ranikaboo - ran*i*ka*boo n, also attrib Also ranicky, rani-cum-boogerie, rannikaboo, rannygazoo, reinikaboo, renicky(-boo) A deceptive story or scheme; a prank, racket, or scam. [1893 KS Univ. Qrly. 1.141 KS, Rally-kaboo: irregular, not according to the standard.] 1901 DN 2.146, Reinikaboo. . . “A newspaper story which is midway between a fake and a statement of face; a statement of news out of all proportion and almost out of relation to the facts, yet having a certain origin and shadowy foundation.” Washington corr. St Louis Globe-Democrat. 1947 Sun (Baltimore MD) 20 Jan 1/2 AZ, A ranikaboo in Arizona would be known as a prank in other states.

“What’s the best ranikaboo you ever pulled?”

“Hate to break it to ya, but peek-a-boo’s a ranikaboo.”

“Did you hear about that new credit card ranikaboo?”

Please share and comment on today’s Dictomancy and feel free to post your uses for the words in a positive, lighthearted way. Audience participation makes Everyday Wordplay hilarious! Especially when you show off your immunity to ranikaboos on April Fool's Day!

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