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Dictomancy - Everyday Wordplay

Spread laughter and positive energy with wordplay! Dictomancy - Everyday Wordplay is a Wednesday blog series that features rare, bizarre, and absurd words and their meanings. Work one of these words into your day and spark some laughter and curiosity!

Rantankerous - ran*tank*er*ous adj Also sp rantanckerous [Varr of cantankerous, perh infl by rant v] chiefly Sth, S Midl Bad-tempered, unruly; fierce; hence rarely adv rantankerous fiercely, furiously. 1898 Lloyd Country Life 176 AL, She is red-headed and rantankerous and come from fightin stock.

“Wouldn’t surprise me if she had the word ‘rantankerous’ tattooed on her hip.”

“That guy at the bar on your birthday was so rantankerous I thought I’d have to fight him.”

“Must’ve been pretty rantanckerous after losing a hundred bucks at the slots.”

Please share and comment on today’s Dictomancy and feel free to post your uses for the words in a positive, lighthearted way. Audience participation makes Everyday Wordplay hilarious!

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